Our portfolio companies represent talented entrepreneurs that are transforming a variety of industries through disruptive business models.


Headquarters:  Venice Beach, CA

Revolutionizing Local Shipping

Cargomatic is revolutionizing logistics by providing shippers with instant access and visibility to trucks around them. Using a mobile app and cloud-based software, Cargomatic has built a platform to connect shippers with trucks in real-time.


ELYSIUM health

Headquarters: New York, NY

Breakthrough science for proactive health

Elysium provides direct access to new scientific breakthroughs that have the greatest potential to improve health.


Headquarters:  New York, NY

Broadway Goes Mobile

TodayTix is revolutionizing theater ticketing by providing audiences access to the best deals on last-minute tickets. With improved access and a streamlined delivery process, TodayTix is attracting younger audiences that are seeing theater with increasing frequency.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Making physical storage more convenient

Clutter picks up, stores and brings back your belongings at the push of a button. Our innovative supply chain has allowed us to grow faster than any other provider in the world.


Headquarters:  Los Angeles, CA

Console Control Anytime, Anywhere

Gamevice puts the control back into the gamers hands in providing all the classic console controls for mobile devices by taking two halves of a classic controller and attaching them to two sides of a smart device. With Gamevice, gamers can play their favorite games on their mobile device anytime, anywhere.


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Turning Art Into Products

Vida is a global collaboration between creatives and producers around the world bringing original, inspiring apparel, accessories and creating beauty in every step of the way.