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TYLT Lab Raises $20M Fund for SoCal Startups

Santa Monica, CA—TYLT Lab ( launched an early stage fund focused on seed-to-A round investments and advisory services for companies executing on businesses disruptive to their industry. The fund launched with its initial LP and first investments late in 2013 and has now added limited partners with $20 million in committed capital toward their initial fund closing.  Seasoned L.A. entrepreneurs Rami Rostami and Gerard Casale founded the fund and sourced the TYLT Lab management team.

“We believe that the local startup ecosystem has finally reached a critical mass in Los Angeles-- specifically in the Silicon Beach area-- and our fund intends to be in the middle of all the action.   We are finding great companies right here in SoCal” said partner Gerard Casale.

TYLT Lab co-founder Rami Rostami is the first limited partner in the fund. Rostami has built the long standing and leading wireless accessory distributor Technocel of Simi Valley as well as the more recently launched accessory product and lifestyle brands TYLT and Jelly Fish. Collectively, Casale and Rostami have been privately investing in companies together since 2008. In the past, the pair had coupled their cash investment with the provision of management services, software and app development services, logistics, manufacturing and product development services to nearly a dozen companies before launching TYLT Lab together.   With TYLT Lab, they now commit to formalizing the process and bringing on a team of world-class advisors to the fund and the local Southern California venture community--- investing with a twist in offering what TYLT Lab calls its “Shared Services Platform.”

“We are looking to be involved in the companies with which we invest. We have a platform that has been tested with Fortune 100 companies over the past 20+ years which includes supply chain services, logistics, pick, pack and ship, rapid 3D printing/prototyping, global distribution network and much more, and we are offering this to early to mid-stage companies.  We think this is a unique offering to our entrepreneur partners,” said partner Rami Rostami.

TYLT Lab estimates that it will place 12-15 investments in 2014 ranging from $50,000 to a maximum of $2,000,000 per investment.   

About TYLT Lab:

TYLT Lab is a venture capital and venture advisory group based in Santa Monica, California with a focus on building innovative companies capable of producing outsized returns for investors.  The partners are entrepreneurs themselves and have a hands-on approach to working with founders.  Focus areas are consumer lifestyle products, mobile platforms and services, home automation, software focused on transactions and engagements, consumer goods, clean technology, e-healthcare, and entertainment. However, the firm’s scope is agnostic and will assess any company that has a great team seeking to intelligently disrupt an industry with great ideas and products.  


For information or to submit a pitch, please contact:
Suite 224
604 Arizona Ave.
Santa Monica, CA  90401
Phone: (310) 331-8797
Twitter: @TYLTLab