November 11, 2015 – Troy, NY— Paper Battery Company, developer of an innovative supercapacitor-based energy storage and battery enhancement technology, today announced it has won the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA)™ Innovation Entrepreneur Award for leadership in advancing energy technology for all types of electronic devices. The CTA Innovation Entrepreneur Award recognizes individuals, small businesses and startups in the consumer technology industry with revenues under $30 million that demonstrate innovation, industry dedication, community outreach and the tenacity to persevere through business and economic challenges.   The Paper Battery Company, along with Whistle Sports Network, were honored as 2015 Innovation Entrepreneur Award, Startups of the year.


“Battery life has never been a more urgent issue than it is today as we rely so vitally on our mobile electronic devices to stay connected, productive, informed and entertained.  None of which is possible when our battery is dead or if we have to be plugged in and attached to the wall,” said Shreefal Mehta, CEO of Paper Battery Company.  “This is the issue we are addressing at Paper Battery Company and one of the reasons we have been honored with this award. By focusing on form factor, peak power performance and safety we have taken a totally fresh approach using supercapacitors to implement novel power and energy management techniques.  This award underscores the importance of our work and we are very grateful for the added visibility it gives us in helping us commercialize our innovative technology and ultimately improve the customer experience.”


The award recognizes Paper Battery Company’s innovative supercapacitor technology and fresh approach to power and energy management that promises to significantly improve availability, safety and battery life in smartphones, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT) applications and other mobile electronic devices.


“We are honored to award Paper Battery Company with an Innovation Entrepreneur Award for Startup of the Year.  Energy storage technology can enhance emerging tech products coming to market,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association. "Startups, like Paper Battery Company, are solving big issues that will allow our industry to create even more solutions to meet consumer’s growing needs.” 


Paper Battery Company has two primary product lines. PowerResponder™ which is a hybrid supercapacitor that provides much higher energy density compared to all other capacitors, fast recharging time for high


availability, reliability under high temperature operation and much higher cycle life and safety compared to lithium ion batteries, with no risk of explosion or internal thermal runaway. PowerResponder can replace lithium batteries in key applications without significant electronic changes needed.  With its unique, thin profile and form factor, PowerResponder is ideal for high reliability backup power applications like UPS on computing boards, and in consumer, medical and industrial products.  PowerResponder is in production now and is slated for release to OEM customers in the fourth quarter of 2015.


The second product line is PowerWrapper®, which uses ultrathin supercapacitor technology that changes where and how power management components can be placed, enabling new performance paradigms and novel applications with smaller, thinner form factors and lower cost.  Product developers can integrate the form-flexible and conformable PowerWrapper supercapacitor in the interstitial space over components, rather than having to work to fit in more components in limited space. The device can wrap around the board and existing lithium battery or conform to a bent curved cover. While the PowerWrapper will not replace a battery, it can augment its peak power performance and extend its runtime and remove components off the board to reduce cost and save space.


The prestigious Innovation Entrepreneur Awards are sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, formerly the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)®, the trade association representing the $285 billion U.S. consumer technology industry. CTA also owns and produces CES® – the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology.


About the Paper battery Company

The Paper Battery Company has two supercapacitor-based product lines with game changing ultrathin form factors and industry-leading performance. Its high-energy supercapacitor product can replace batteries or enable companies to use smaller batteries without compromising energy or peak performance.   The Paper Battery Company’s patented form factor solution allows for revolutionary size changes in wearables, accessories, and mobile electronics. The company’s products provide scalable voltage, energy and power in a single, ultrathin package. The long life, environmentally friendly devices work with existing lithium batteries, reducing waste, and fits in or around existing components.


The company’s innovative business model and technology have garnered multiple awards, including the 2015 CES Innovation Award for embedded technology, the TIE 50 award in 2014 and multiple competitive awards from the NY State Energy and Research Development Authority. For more information go to



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Toni Sottak: 408-876-4418.